Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#SOL18:: Digging through the Lava

Digging to the Lava

I have been struggling with this urge to write on the blog and get it going again. What has been holding me back was that I was not quite sure what direction to take it in. However, this week that has all changed with the help of one student, Bob. 

Bob is a student who continually makes me laugh with his wit on a daily basis. About a week ago, I was teaching elaboration to my students. I told them that currently our elaboration is like the surface the earth... the crust. I told them that elaboration needs go deeper... like the core. The students automatically started calling out lava. Bob raised his hand and said, "Ms. Jennifer, we need to dig through the lava to the core." I responded with a giggly, "Yes!" He stared at me for a moment and said, "Ms. Jennifer, it is going to take a lot of shovels to dig through the lava." We all laughed. That became our tagline for elaboration, "Dig through the lava." Later in that lesson, Bob told me that he was really digging, but it was a lot harder to dig through the lava than he thought. He made it very clear though that he would keep trying the next day.

The next day in writing we focused on revising our work. I told the students that they needed to finish "digging through the lava" and then they could revise and edit their writing piece. Bob was hard at work. Towards the end of the period Bob came up, "Ms. Jennifer, I have dug through the lava!!! Can I revise and edit now?"  Bob was proud of his digging and most importantly his elaboration work. I couldn't help, but smile at his excitement at "digging through the lava." 

Bob's wit does not stop there. This past week I introduced Genius Hour to my students. Genius Hour is one hour a week given to my students to explore a passion they have and turn it into a project. Needless to say, all my students were excited. During the introduction, I provided examples of what students have done in the past, including my own Genius Hour project. I told them of this very blog that I created several years ago as my Genius Hour project. All the students couldn't wait to start working on brainstorming ideas for their project, including Bob. Bob knew exactly what he wanted to do and what he wanted me to do. As other students were working, Bob came up to me and asked me questions about my blog. He asked if I still wrote on it. I said, "Sadly, no." He said, "Oh" and walked away. I thought that was the end of his curiosity. I was wrong. 

On Monday, Bob came up to me right before the school day ended. He asked if he could have the web address of my blog, so he could check it out. I told him, "Of course. Let me know what you think." Boy, did he let me know. The next day Bob came up to me, "Ms. Jennifer, I looked at your blog and I have a couple recommendations. One you haven't written in a long time. I think you should start writing again. I think you need to "dig to the lava." I also think you should add a travel section and in that section have a dessert section. You love traveling and you love desserts. I would love to know all the cool dessert places you have been to when you have travelled." I couldn't believe it. Bob's curiosity and interest in blog was what I needed to get going again. I needed him to tell me to "dig to the lava" with my blog. So here I am. 

While the blog will be getting a makeover the next couple of weeks, three things will stay the same. 

1. I will still tell of these cute little teaching moments.
2. I will still tell of the adventures with Daisy. 
3. Lastly and most importantly, I will still tell of the chronicles of a twenty-something teacher living life one dessert at a time. 

The Chronicles of a Teacher and Lava Digger

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