Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#SOL:: Worth It!

 Today was one of those days when a teacher feels it has all been worth it. Today was one of those days when you leave work and you smile, laugh and even shed a tear. 

This year as been a whirlwind and it's only half way through Quarter 2. However, today was the day I saw and felt just how much my class has become a family... And that made it all worth it. 

We are reading Wonder by RJ Palacio. It is one of my favorite read- alouds. Today, we got to a part that makes me cry every year. (Spoiler Alert: When Daisy, the dog, dies.) Having two dogs myself, it always makes me cry. And every year, it is interesting to see how the class handles their teacher basically balling her eyes out.

This year truly surprised me. I started to tear up and kept reading on... Thinking I could disguise it by pushing forward. Then it just came... The tears. And what happened next surprised me. They began to cry too. Some said they were crying because they have had animal
pass away. Some cried because I was crying. When we got up to go outside, they came and gave me hugs. 

In between all this crying, I some how
managed to get out that Chili had had some close calls. One of my girls shouted out, "Miss Morales, when Chili does die will you call is to come to her funeral? Remember we are family because we are like your children." I could only manage a nod. 

This group truly sees us all as family and that makes all the whirlwinds worth it.

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  1. Knowing that your teacher is human is a great gift to kids. We are only about two days ahead of this in "Wonder". In my context having the kids even feel sad shows a huge connection with the book since more of them believe dogs to be 'haram' or something bad. When Daisy kisses Auggie's face all of my students cringe with some 'Eww's under their breath. The fact that we get to them feeling sadness at the loss of Daisy and empathy for the family's loss is a huge step. One of the many reasons I love "Wonder" as well.