Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#SOL15:: July 21, 2015

'Twas the Night Before the First Day of School

It is hard to believe summer is over and the first day of school is TOMORROW! I work at a year-a-round school, so our summer break is short. This summer literally flew by. I am sitting here thinking about all the things this summer has brought me. It brought me quite a few things. 

Summer break brought me a keen awareness of how much I need to carve out time for myself. The first week of break I spent lying in bed with shingles. It was no fun. I had literally stressed myself out to the point that my body told me to literally stop and slow down. This school year I plan on making sure I carve out time for myself. 

Summer break brought me laughs and smiles with my best friends. I spent a week in NYC with one of my best friends, Hannah, and a week with my other best friend, Christina, up in Northern California. In NYC, we went to a Yankees game, ate our way through Chelsea Market, and found a wedding dress for Hannah. With Christina, we played Settlers of Catan, made margaritas, went water skiing, and got Daisy swimming in the lake! Spending a week with each was exactly what the doctor ordered. Sometimes you just need to have friend time.

 Christina & Daisy

Summer break brought me the opportunity to learn from Lucy Calkins and her colleagues at the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project. I still can't believe I attended the writing institute with my work wifey, Jasmine Marie. I mean I had a conversation and took a picture with LUCY CALKINS (She is who I want to be when I grow up!) I left that week feeling motivated and rejuvenated. Summer break brought me the excitement to share writing with my students. 
Summer break brought me time to spend with my family. I spent a week with family in Philadelphia. My little sister graduated from high school there and was valedictorian of her class (If you can't tell, I am very proud). I can't believe she heading to college! I also got to spend time with my dad while I was there. We all know I love our father daughter dates. Summer break brought me a chance to just hang out and relax with my family. 

So as I end my summer break and start a new year, I am taking all the things summer break brought me and sharing them with my new children over this year. It may be my fifth year, but I am still just as excited and nervous as they are!


  1. You really packed a lot into your summer vacation! I am so envious of your time at TCRWP! That's something that I'd love to attend someday.

  2. Great summer memories - spending time with friends and family - win, win! I thought surely no one is heading back to school tomorrow . . . so glad you're excited about it. And professional learning at Teacher's College - you rocked your summer. Keep working at carving out time for yourself amid the demands of teaching.

  3. A great break (after you got past the shingles!!!) I head back to school a week from today, so I understand how short the summer seemed. You are so right that we need to remember throughout the year to carve out time to relax and renew. Good luck!

  4. Happy first day of school. I'm sorry your summer was short but it sounds like lots of fun with family and fronds. And yes- try to carve out time for you during the busy school year ahead.