Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#SOL:: April 28, 2015


Relief. It's small word, but means so much. This past weekend I finished my last assignment for my last class of my Master's program. The only word that I felt at the moment was relief. It felt as though the world had been lifted off my shoulders. As I sat there contemplating if I was ready to click "submit," I felt the shoulders relax and the headache I had had for the past week ease away. 

Clicking "submit" meant more than just turning in my assignment. This symbolized crossing the finish line of a two year journey. Throughout these two years, I felt as though the finish line would never come. I don't know how many times I thought I couldn't do it or meltdowns I had, but by clicking "submit" I was recognizing that I finished a stronger woman and teacher. 

During this past two years, I have seen myself grown as a teacher. I have seen my students benefit from what I have learned. I have felt stronger in the content areas of mathematics and science. My students have been my biggest supporters and I know they have enjoyed all the projects I have had to test out on them. 

I have seen myself grow as a woman. This milestone was always apart of my "five year plan" after graduation, but at times I didn't think it would happen according to my plan. I have truly proven to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I always tell my students this, but it is always nice to be reminded of it myself. To practice what I preach. 

So as I clicked the "submit" button, it was the closing of one door and an opening of another. I sit here wondering what I will do with all my time. Maybe... I will go read a book. 

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