Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Meow, Meow!

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is that my class transforms into family throughout the year! On the first day of school, I tell my students that I have gained thirty-one new children to love and to watch grow. 

Yesterday and today, I really saw my children come together as a true family to support one of our students. David loves the Pokemon, Mu, and will always meow! I absolutely love it. Him and I will meow all day long. 

Yesterday, David was named "Trojan of the Day." Our class is knowns as the USC Trojans and each day I recognize one student for their academic progress or effort. David has really shown what it means to be a true Trojan academically. He has been staying after school to work on homework and has been making great strides in his relationships with his peers. We usually clap once in celebration for our "Trojan of the Day." However, yesterday, I decided to add one act of celebration. We "meowed" for David. 

David. was. beyond. happy

He could not stop smiling. He was on top of the world. I was truly moved by how the class celebrated his accomplishment. Not only was he excited, but so were they. They went up to him and congratulated him. They kept suggesting new things that the "Trojan of the Day" should be in charge of, so that he could shine more. 

It didn't stop there. Today, we had the running portion of our fitness test. He was really trying his best. I kept cheering him on. Soon enough, my students were cheering him on (all 62... 2 classes of 31). We actually had to tell them to silently cheer because he couldn't here the beeper. 

It has been so neat to see my students become a family. They truly care about, support, and love each other. As I said yesterday, we have had our ups and downs, but at the end of day... we are a family


  1. MEOW for you all! What a great way to end my day!

  2. MEOW for you all! What a great way to end my day!

  3. How great for all of you and especially for him! Hope the feeling of family lingers long after the year ends!

  4. So many children go to school in search of family. This is a gorgeous post.

  5. I feel the exact same way!!! It's never "Teams" "Class" "Pods" but always family!!!