Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#SOL15:: March 4, 2015

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Spreading the Slice of Life Cheer

Every morning when my students enter, we have the same routine of checking homework, morning announcements and independent reading. Today, we did all of that and I added one more thing to our list, family meeting. We usually have family meetings on Fridays, but I wanted to share something special with them, my experience with the Slice of Life Challenge.

I shared with you all my hesitation to do the challenge because of the commitment. However, now that I am four days in, it's all I can talk about... even with my students. 

So this morning, I called them to the rug and told them that I wanted to share something special with them. I told them about how my confidence as a writer has soared over the past couple of days. I shared with them some of the comments you slicers have left. And I will never forget what happened next. 

My students started clapping. When I asked them, "What are you clapping about?"

They responded by telling me that they wanted to acknowledge my hard work, just like I do with them. While your comments have made my day, their clapping made my week and month. I will never forget their smiles and excitement when I shared this with them. 

One of my sweet girls said, "We are your biggest fans just as you are one of ours." And that truly touched my heart. These students are the ones who pushed me to start this blog and helped me come up with the name. They truly do encourage me as I encourage them. 

We have definitely had are fair share of ups and downs this year. However, at the end of day we are each others' biggest fans.


  1. I'm so glad that you are participating in #SOL15! Like you, this experience is all that I seem to be able to talk about and I love sharing this experience with my students. You expressed exactly how I feel about this challenge. I also love the opportunity for my students to see that I'm a writer, too. I think our participating lets our kids know that everybody is a writer. Plus, it's great to have such a great cheering section! I particularly loved your statement that "we are each others' biggest fans."

  2. This post gave me chills. Too often, kids get little credit for the incredible human beings they are. Too often, they aren't invited to be their best selves either. You've clearly created a relationship with your students that inspires them to give back to you. This is tremendous. This is the best work you can do as a teacher.

  3. So glad you shared with your students. You are sending them such a great message about being a writer. I was moved to share with my students as well. It was fun and nerve-racking all at the same time. I decided to share a piece of "poetry". I understand what they feel as they approach the share chair now.

  4. So glad that you're doing this with me and we get to cheer each other on. Love that you hadsuch a positive moment with the kids today.

  5. How great that your students see you as a writer! And that they cheer for you! Sounds like a moment on which communities are built! Keep writing!