Thursday, March 26, 2015

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A Letter to My Little Sister

Dear Sissy, 

I want to tell you how proud I am of you. Today, I got to spend the day with you at your high school, go on a dinner date with you, and see your high school's musical. You invited me into your world and my eyes were opened. 

You are admired by not just your friends, but those younger than you. You have moved others to be a better writer and to speak their mind. You have shown others what it is like to truly have a passion for something, writing, and to continue to grow. You have shared this with others and have helped them see what writing has to offer. 

Your teachers love the person you have grown into and what you have to offer to their class! As a teacher, I know that this is the biggest compliment and testament to who you really are. 

You have grown into such an inspiring young woman. Your face lights up when you speak about screenwriting, literature, and writing. I was able to see how you handled different situations and take charge. You cheer your peers on with a true kindness in your heart. This is something that I love about you. 

I love that you and I can talk about friends, food, politics, sports, food, education, and how awesome Dunkin Dounuts is! I love that we can have fun watching movies or driving in the car. I love that I can share my goofy moments with you and you understand why it happened. Not to mention, you just laugh along with me. That is what sisters are for, right? 

I know that in the coming days and weeks you will make a decision about where you go to college. No matter where you decide, the professors you learn from and the friends you will make will be truly lucky. Just as they will learn from you, you will learn from them. Remember to soak up everything and hold on to what your want and throw away what you don't. Wherever you decide, they are truly lucky to have you!

I am so lucky to call you my little sister and to be your "little" big sister!



  1. I love your posts!!! There is never any bond stronger than the bond that sisters can adhere to. She sounds wonderful!! So wise and full of life. You are bursting with price and I am happy for you.