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Conferences, Check!

Conferences are done! To be honest, conferences and I have a love/hate relationship.

 I love conferences because I am truly a people person. I love to sit down and talk with my parents about their student. And third quarter conferences are my favorite. Third quarter, I get to talk about the growth, academically and socially, that their students have made. This year that is all I seemed to be talking about. 

Conferences always make me think about how far my students have come. Don't get me wrong... they all still have areas to improve on. However, it is always nice for them to see how much they have truly grown. In particular this year, my teaching partner and I have shared time and time again with our students the idea of a growth mindset. Common Core really calls out the idea of the growth mindset throughout the standards, specifically the mathematical practices. Man, our students have really taken this idea to heart and have grown. That is why I love conferences. I get to share their growth. 

My hatred of conferences is that it is physically and emotionally exhausting. I mean I love talking... I do it for a living, but doing 31 conferences for 20 minutes each on average. That is talking for 620 minutes... That is a whole lot of talking. 

It is all worth it. To see the students and parents smiles after the conference, it is truly priceless. So thank you to my parents and students for a successful week of conferences. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year and trusting your babies in my hands. 

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