Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#SOL15:: March 18, 2015

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How do you define yourself? 

This week my students and I finished Wonder, including The Julian Chapter. I highly recommend this book to any fifth grade teacher... actually any teacher... well any person really. The message of the book is to choose kind no matter what is on the outside. My students have learned empathy and have become a true friend of Auggie's. 

In an effort to bring home the overall message of "it is not what is on outside, but what is in the heart," we have been watching TED Talks about this very issue. Today, we watched half of the TED Talk by Lizzie Velasquez about "How do you define yourself?" We stopped right when she asks this question. I told my students that this was their homework. They were to think about how they define themselves.

Naturally, I started to think about this question myself. "How do I define myself?" And here is my response.
I am a woman

I am a woman of courage.

I am a woman of determination. 

I am a caring woman. 

I am a woman who continually sees the best in someone

I am a woman of goofy mishaps

I am a woman of laughter

I am woman who believes in love

I am a woman of kindness.

I am a woman who listens

I am a woman of many words

I am woman of few words

I am a woman who sees that change is a good thing. 

I am a woman of a growth

I am Jennifer Morales

I am The Chronicles of a Teacher


  1. I like this as a poem. It reminds me of the "Where I'm from," where it builds to the definitive ending. I wonder, was it hard for you to stop once you stared defining yourself? Was it hard to stick with what you are (vs. What you are not )?

  2. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Xo