Monday, March 16, 2015

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A Letter to My Students

Dear Students,  

With third quarter coming to an end, it has gotten me thinking about how little time I have left with you. There are so many things that I hoped you have learned this year in fifth grade. 

First and foremost, I hope you know how much you are cared about and loved. There is not a day that goes by that I don't worry or think about you. Remember that you are apart of my family and always will be. I know that sometimes it may seem like I have high expectations for you and that you are having a hard time meeting them. However, please know that these expectations are there because I want you to go out in the world and #choosekind. I want you to be a citizen that contributes positively. I want you to be the best you

Secondly, I hope you have learned that even though you have hit some road bumps along the way, there is no road bump that is too big to get over. Please keep this in mind in the upcoming years. There is no one or thing big enough to stop you from accomplishing your dreams. I have shared with you that people always tried to stand in my way of accomplishing my goals, but I used them to inspire and motivate me. Remember that you can do anything you truly put your mind to. 

I hope that you have learned that life is too short to be sad or down. I know that some of the best days this year were the ones we laughed, smiled, and cheered each other on. So even when you think that it is the worst day ever, remember to think about one positive thing you have in your life and smile

I hope that you have learned that learning can be fun . I hope that you see that school is a place that you can grow and be yourself. I hope that you can see that you have grow immensely this year. You have read books that you never thought you could. You have written pieces just as authors and writers have. You have become a colonist and scientist. You have become a speaker of many words. You have stood up for what you believe. You have become you

Lastly, I hope you know that you will always have me cheering you on. As we have discussed, we are each other's biggest fans. Years from now, I will still remember your smiling, goofy faces. I will still be cheering you on to be the NFL player, doctor, teacher, or military member. Whatever you choose, I will be cheering you on. 

This year you have allowed me the opportunity to grow as well. And I thank you for that. So over these next weeks, let us just enjoy the time you have left in my classroom. 

Miss Morales


  1. It's so nice to read this. With all the emphasis on testing, it seems like this part of teaching gets lost. The part where we are all humans, and we want what is best for each other. This why we became teachers, because we care. Do you ever wonder if your old teachers cared for you as much as you care for your students? In retrospect, I'm sure some of them did, but I never got it. I had way too many walls up. I hope this message gets through to your students.

  2. Oh my gosh! I wish a teacher had ever written a letter like that to me when I was a kid! Your students are so lucky to have you!

  3. Such a lovely sentiment to share with children, reminding all of us that at the center of teaching is love and relationships.

  4. This is beautiful. Those kids will always be your family... I can tell.