Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#SOL15:: March 11, 2015

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It is all in your attitude. Today, I was reminded of that a couple of times. 

During my writing class today, I kept repeating to my writers about how excited I was by their growth in writing. As always, they laughed (If you have ever met me, you know that I am extremely animated and it always gets my students laughing). My writers were just as excited. I couldn't help, but think that it was partly due to my attitude. Last year, I felt like my attitude controlled my writing class. My writers last year dreaded writing because I did. This year, I have been consciously working on my attitude and so have they. Today, my writers reminded me that attitude is everything. 

I left work in a hurry to get to GradFest to order my cap and gown for graduation (Yay... it is only two months away!) I couldn't help, but listen to the conversations around me... after all, I am super nosy. Anyways, these two girls were complaining about how they were spending their Wednesday afternoon at GradFest. I am not going to lie... I laughed out loud (I pretended I was reading a funny text message, but I really wasn't). I mean I highly doubt that they had anything better to do. I know plenty of people who would die to be in their spot, to have received an amazing education from such a great university. They were discussing how they had so much grad work to do, instead of waiting in this long line. While they were complaining, I was catching up on emails, text messages, and social media. Again, it is all in your attitude. 

So I guess my point of today's Slice of Life is that it is all in our attitude. Today is only Wednesday, but Wednesday is one day closer to the weekend! 


  1. YES! definitely all in our attitude! I remind myself of this often---thank you for your post!

  2. It really is all about attitude! If you enjoy writing time, then they will too. My students used to think writing workshop was my favorite subject to teach. (In reality, it was social studies!) They thought that because of the positive attitude I brought to the minilessons and conferences. Sounds like you're doing the same thing. Kudos to you!