Monday, March 9, 2015

#SOL15:: March 9, 2015

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Oh Daisy!

There is nothing like coming home to someone who is excited to see you. Night after night, Daisy is waiting at the door for me. She hears the beep of my locking car and listens as my foot steps get closer. By the time I get to the door, I can hear on the other side. 

As I open my door, I see the cutest, happiest, and craziest puppy waiting for me. Daisy likes to run around in two circles and then sprints towards the couch. She will then leap off the couch and doggie slide into me. Even though she does this every night, it always catches me off guard and puts a smile on my face. 

Each night I have my camera ready to try to catch her in action. I know my students would get a kick out of it. However, each night I get lost in all her excitement that I usually have to put the camera down. 

Daisy is one of the happiest dogs I have ever had. She genuinely loves being my dog and spending time with me. Tonight was no different. She met me with as much excitement as any other night. And every night she makes me feel extremely special. 

The Many Faces of Daisy

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