Monday, November 17, 2014

Thankful November

We are in full swing of my favorite time of the year... the time of thanks! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Let me tell you why. Who doesn't love reflecting on all the things we DO have and being with the ones we love. I absolutely love that it makes me stop and realize how fortunate I am.

I love sharing with my students the things I am thankful for. Last year, I started the "Thankful November" challenge with them. This year it has turned into quite the challenge and it is quite easy to challenge your students!

Each morning I, or my classroom president, puts a sticky on each student's desk. When the students walk in, they know this is the first thing they do after they get out all their homework. Each student fills out one thing they are thankful and there can be NO repeats. This challenges the student to even think of the smallest thing they are thankful for. The students go hang them on our "Thankful November" chart. We have been doing it since the first week of November and my students are definitely starting of the day in a positive way. Below are some examples of student responses as well as the chart! Enjoy!
Thankful November

Student Responses

I mean who could not be thankful for comedy or the person who created pizza! My students definitely make me laugh with these and I hope that your students can! Go and spread thanks among your students!

Happy early Thanksgiving,
The Chronicles of a Teacher

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  1. what a great idea! And a skill that can impact them for a lifetime. The ability to look at the small blessings in life is something that can change lives forever. What do you do with the sticky notes at the end of the month? Do you send them home with them at Thanksgiving? Perhaps looking on the bright side can be taken home and become a skill for everyone.